What's Your First Daily Online Task?

Research suggests that we still turn to email as the first thing we check online in the morning. Is that part of your routine? In an age of social media, you might think that email was old hat, but it's not so according to research from ExactTarget that suggests that unless you're in the 18-24 age bracket, the most likely online activity you're going to start the day with is checking email, with 71 per cent of those surveyed starting their day that way; Facebook (17 per cent) and news sites (6 per cent) took the other two spots. Social media activities dominated the 18-24 age bracket.

In terms of access devices, our first port of call is still the computer at 74 per cent with 14 per cent on mobile devices; the rest wait until they access a device outside the home.

As always, you can prove anything with statistics — 321 per cent of people know that — but it's an interesting insight. I'm guilty of checking email first thing, although it's been a long time since I was 24. Then again, I do that on a mobile device — usually one that's charging by my bedside overnight. What's your first online daily activity?


    I have to load up Lotus Notes for my work. It has an inbuilt RSS feed reader which is good, but it often stuffs up and I have 30 of the same story...

      Lotus Notes - I have to do the same at my work. Almost enough bugs to start some sort of agricultural farm.

    Grab the phone off my bedside table > Personal Email > Brief glance at work email (don't action anything) > Facebook > Twitter. My rss feeds wait until a little later in the day (I join the real world briefly in that time)

    I fire up either Facebook on my phone, or my RSS reader to check news (especially Steam >_>) and blogs.

    Newsify for RSS feeds first thing, unless I have notifications for texts, calls, or Facebook messenger.

    I don't bother with normal Facebook notifications until I'm on public transport.

    Fave web sites (news and tech) while I drink my coffee.

    Only listen to music on the commute.

    First thing I do when I sit down is check that the script I ran overnight didn't have any errors. If there are errors I'll fix them right away. This could take all day.

    If there are no errors, I'll check work emails, if there's nothing pressing then I'll launch chrome and go through my tabs. Generally surf reports and forecasts at first then news, blogs, email. Don't check FB on my phone till my morning dump.

    Wake up.
    check iPhone - personal email
    Ouf bed.. dingo's breakfast.
    Check BB for work emails.

    Twitter first, THEN email.

    Usually RSS feeds, then facebook, then see what's trending on twitter.

    But tommorow it'll be wake up, and straight to Gizmodo to see what all the fuss is about with this new iPhone.

    Very first thing...would be loading up YouTube to check for any new videos from my subscriptions! Sometimes I may open up Google Currents first....

    Check G+ before anything then OCAU

    The newspaper. And I'm in that newfangled 18-24 bracket

    Via recharged phone on bedstand :
    1)Daily Starsign forecast [to determine whether to get out of bed]
    2)then mail if appropriate after 1)

    Dear Alex,

    I wish to take umbrage with some of the aparent "facts" posted in this so-called news item!
    You stated, and I quote, "As always, you can prove anything with statistics — 321 per cent of people know that"
    This is demonstrably not true! Recent studies have shown that merely 316 per cent of people are aware that that you can prove anything with statistics!
    In some lower socio-economic populations, the figure is even more alarming, and may be as low as 298 per cent!!!

    I really wish you would chek your sources before posting such drivel!

    Yours, Sincerely,


    gReader for RSS (web blog posts), Fancy, eBay saved searches, Facebook, Weather. I star RSS articles I want to read later.

    First thing I do is check for any notifications on my phone. That usually means email.

    The first thing I do is go on VCDQ.com and check lastest torrents before heading to work ^_^

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