Vodafone Is Switching On Its 3G+ Services

The telco's announced that you should be able to get much better speeds in metropolitan areas as part of its ongoing network revamp.

Vodafone's announced today that it's completed the upgrade for its base stations with improved Dual Carrier HSPA+ capabilities, something it had previously flagged as being due to happen in September. Those stations have been switched on, according to Vodafone "in key parts of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide and Newcastle."

According to Vodafone, if you're a customer you should now get data speeds of between 2-16MBps, or as it states, around "eight times" faster than previously on Vodafone's 3G coverage areas. Which means, at least from a logical viewpoint, that its previous baseline for its 3G services was only 256Kbps. Ouch. In any case, Vodafone says it's updated its coverage maps to reflect the new "3G+" services, which you can find at its web site.


    so that means we can finally.....call people?... what sorcery is this?!

    The coverage checker map for Vodafone shows no 3G+ coverage in Sydney NSW as at today

      the coverage maps get updated once a week generally speaking. it won't be instantaneous until tests are done to ensure optimum capacity and speeds

    Wow Vodafone sucks - so frustrating being a customer since the old analogue phone days and somehow still putting up with this shocking customer service....!

    As a Vodafone customer rarely more than 10km from a state capital CBD, I'd still rather they concentrated on providing a more stable, slower connection than upgrading to "faster" services.
    A faster service is of zero benefit if the coverage is still below woeful and the uptime is sub-par.

      Your point is moot, because they go hand in hand. You cant have more stable connections without more capacity being added as well.

        Ah, well the report only makes mention of faster achievable speeds, not increased capacity.

        Either way, I'd just like Vodafone in Australia to be as reliable as other networks using the same brand in other territories i.e. be able to make/receive calls or establish a data connection reliably. Currently, the service is so variable I'll be leaving them asap.

    I'll believe it when I see it *checks phone* ... still "H" and has been for at least a few weeks.

    I'm in Adelaide CBD and i'm still seeing 2-3mbps - the same as normal. I'm not sure what "key parts" refers to because the map for Adelaide hasn't been updated yet eihter.

    Perhaps they only turned it on at the airport here?

    that explains my shitty coverage in CBD for the past couple of weeks

    All you need to know

    Just as slow as ever on my wireless modem in central and suburban Melbourne.

    3G+ is DC-HSPA+, which appears only currently supported by the iPad:
    To show 3G+ on the map set the device to 'Apple - The new iPad'.

    Purchased DC-HSPA phone and in 2037 (Glebe, Annandale) I'm pulling down peak 19mbit, avg 10-15mbit.

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