Use Sugru To Improve The Fit On Apple's New EarPods (Or Any Loose-Fitting Earbuds)

If you've picked up a pair of Apple's new EarPods, you've probably read that Apple designed them to fit all types of ears. That hasn't stopped many reviewers from pointing out they're a little loose and prone to falling out. The fix? A little sugru, that moldable silicone we love so much.

Instructables user juniortan picked up a pair and says they're a little loose in his ears, but all it took was a touch of sugru around the outside of the EarPods to fix the problem. He explained you only need a little bit — maybe 1/5 of the pack — to customise both earpieces, and once the sugru has dried nicely, they'll fit like a glove. Plus, you can always press down the sugru or add more to get a perfect fit. We've shown you how to repair damaged earbuds before with Sugru — it makes sense that it can also be used to improve the fit of the ones you have. Check out the link below for a full step-by-step, complete with photos of the finished product.

Customise the Fit on your EarPods [Instructables]


    Just another example of the crap that Apple is forcing on it's loyal fans!

    Geez, calm down Bonkers... They're free headphones!
    Buy some if you dont like em

      You do buy them as a part of the package with the phone

        To be fair they wouldn't charge any less if they didn't include them though.

    OMG - do some of you readers just look for anything to Bash Apple ? What a bunch of geniuses... There is a heap of non-apple rubbish out there. Try HTC's headphones..

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