Use Sugar To Soothe The Burn From Chilli

It's common knowledge to use milk to relieve that burning sensation you get when you've eaten (or handled) chilli. But if you don't have milk, try sucking on a little sugar.

This tip comes from the folks at While they point out that the heat will come creeping back when the sugar is fully dissolved (because the sugar is acting more as a sensory distraction than actually removing the capsaicin chemical responsible for the heat), it's a lifesaver if you don't have milk. Milk is preferable, however, because it actually binds to the capsaicin and soothes the burn.

How to Soothe the Burn of a Hot Pepper [CHOW]


    My wife sometimes puts lots of chili in food and use sugar or honey to relieve the burning from chili.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Or it could be that the dish would be ruined by having too much chilli in it.
      That's why there are Kormas and Murghs to accommodate the variety of tastes and occasions that the dish may be served at.

    The same trick works if you find you've put too much chilli in your curry. Simply stir in a spoonful or so, until it is at the desired level of spiciness, which is a great alternative to milk if your curry does not require milk in it.
    Just be aware it is more prone to burning in the pan, once you add sugar.

      Gah, meant to type "The same trick works if you find you’ve put too much chilli in your curry, whilst cooking, as you'll often know before serving if it's too spicy"

    I have a better remedy - man up and deal with it, you sissies. And if you read the article you would realise that putting the sugar into the curry beforehand will not work, as the sugar is simply a distraction from the burning, not a cure for it. Sweet curries can burn your palate just as easily as savoury ones.

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