Use Empty Tic Tac Boxes As Spice Containers

Use Empty Tic Tac Boxes As Spice Containers

Now that you know the right way to get Tic Tacs out of the box, don’t throw out the empty ones. instead, save them and pour your favourite spices and seasonings inside for a space-saving, portable spice rack.

Granted, most spice bottles are pretty small to begin with, but if you only want to take a little with you when you’re on the road, a bunch of Tic Tac boxes pack together nicely. You can slap on some adhesive labels and drop them all in a plastic container with a handle. Even if you don’t want that many, one or two of your favourite blends in your bag or backpack will guarantee any meal anywhere tastes fantastic.

Repurposed TicTac Boxes for Travel Spices [Skruben via TipNut]


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