Use Brown Sugar To Make Custom Chocolate Moulds

Want to give a gift of chocolate that's a bit more creative than a box of Favourites? You can cast chocolate into custom shapes using a mould made from brown sugar.

Culinary weblog Rise and Shine breaks down the process. Lightly pack some brown sugar into a bowl then press in the item you want to replicate. Gently melt chocolate (a double-boiler is ideal) and then pour into the shape and chill. Some sugar will stick to your chocolate, but you can rinse it off with cold water. Not ideal for long runs, but a great method for a one-off gift. Hit the post for detailed instructions.

Brown Sugar Casted Chocoates [Rise and Shine]


    Thanks, from that picture on the right, if I ever want to make chocolate butt plugs, I now know how to do it.

      I had the same thought.

      I immediately went looking for a penis shaped container and a lot of browb sugar...

    Is it easy to clean brown sugar off your wood?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that had lewd images spring to mind upon viewing that image.

      Phew. I'm not so weird after all...

        Actually that only works if I also am not weird. Unfortunately the weight of evidence is against you and I would seek professional help (although it has not don eme any good).

    Oh wow.

    Edible butt plugs!

    I think this article deserves a conceptual Darwin award ...

    This article should be renamed 'How To Make Your Own Awful, Amateur-Looking Chocolates'

    Mmm, chocolate butt plugs...

    I think using Fondant (that semi hard icing they use on wedding cakes) might be better for this as you don't end up sugar on your chocolates and they come away smoother.

    That pictures isn't chocolate butt plugs it is a picture of the silver thing after it was used as a but plug

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