Use A Lightly Coloured Mouse Pad To Conserve Your Mouse's Battery Life

If your wireless mouse feels like it's constantly running out of juice, weblog Digital Inspiration has some tips for keeping it alive as long as possible. One of the more interesting tips? Use a lightly coloured mouse pad.

Image: Johannes Gilger.

The tip actually comes directly from Logitech, who says that dark, rough, or dull surfaces can make your mouse sensor work harder. Since the sensor is the thing that draws the most power, helping it out with a reflective, lightly coloured surface can help boost its battery life.

Digital Inspiration also notes that if you're desperate for battery power, you can create a simple reminder to turn off your mouse every time you shut down your computer, either through Windows' Task Scheduler or by changing your shutdown sound to a verbal reminder. Check out the post below for more tips.

Increase the Battery Life of your Wireless Mouse [Digital Inspiration]


    i have a better solution. get an old school mouse with a cord! i don't understand why people use cordless mice. the majority of people don't need them -- are you using your mouse like a tv remote control from across the room? chances are the answer is No. if no get a corded mouse

      They're handy with laptops. Less cords I need the better.

        True but with desktops it seems kind of pointless

        maybe. i just prefer less failure points. to each his own i guess. sucks to have to resort to the built in laptop trackpad because you forgot to pack extra batteries for a presentation.

      So because you think the only need for a corded mouse is to use as a remote we should all buy corded mice?
      Some people may actually have needs you haven't thought about.
      Thanks for the advice no one asked for though.

    Tbh, best thing you can do is buy the lithium ion batteries. Can usually get a 6 pack on special from woolies for about $20. 2 aa batteries last about a year in my Logitech mouse. My mousepad is black too.

      At that kind of current draw, lithium is barely better than good alkalines, e.g. Duracell.

    There's a reason I don't use light coloured mouse pads. Doesn't matter how clean your hands are the pad will look like crap sooner or later!

    The title really would have been enough...

      Lol didn't realise to I read this

    Cords are an annoying archaic pain in the arse.


      Malcolm Turnbull, is that you?

        This comment is made of win.

      they may be archaic to you, but they continue to work very well just like my manual transmission car.

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