Turn Your SIM Card Into A Nano-SIM For An Unlocked iPhone 5

Are you in the market for an unlocked iPhone 5 and need to fit your existing SIM card in it? You can actually cut your current SIM card down to nano size at home.

Most people won't need to do this, but if you've bought an unlocked iPhone 5, you can convert your current micro-SIM card into a nano-SIM with nothing but a pair of scissors. There are plenty of guides for this, but we really like this one from TechnoBuffalo, which provides a template that you can print out and size up exactly.

Note that some guides say you need to sand the cards thickness down too, but this isn't really necessary. Check out the video above from iPhoneZen to see what the process entails, and hit the link below to read more.

Printable Guide for Cutting MicroSIM to Nano-SIM for iPhone 5 [TechnoBuffalo]


    im pretty sure there are no scissors involved in that video

      Well then I'm pretty sure you didn't watch the whole video

    why not just go into a storefront for your carrier and get the SIM replaced? I know Telstra apparently charges you 10 bucks a go, but i've done this several times and haven't been charged once, just had to wait an hour for it to get online.

      Getting a nanosim is pretty tricky right now as they're in short supply. Vodafone is only giving out nanosims with new iphones, and word on the street was optus is doing the same.

        Took a few goes to get one for Virgin as well........$15 added to the next bill. Have to see if the charge shows up.

      Telstra = Free, and they should be in plentiful supply. if a shop refuses, argue with them.

      PS - I work for Telstra

        Telstra has an inordinately large supply of them. Far more than any other carrier. I have spent 4 days trying to get one out of virgin as they are the only BYO "plan" that doesn't have an ETF. I'll be moving back to a prepaid Optus MVNO as soon as they start stocking nano sims.

        Optus is currently charging $25 to replace a sim card if you purchased the iPhone 5 outright from Apple.

          Really, They only charged me $2.00 and i bought mine from Apple outright too.

        you obviously work at a company owned store. Franchises's make money off that sort of thing.

      I've tried to get one from my carrier which is dodo. They told me that if I wanted a nano sim I had to go on a plan. They do not supply nano sims for prepaid customers. What a joke. Ill definitely be trying this out

    Or you could just go down to local Telco store and buy a nano sim card for $2.00.

    Or ignore the iPhone 5 hype and get a Galaxy S3

    yeah, iinet cannot get their hands on any nano sims until November......I am waiting.....waiting...... as want to buy outright but need my new nano sim......

      If you feel uneasy about cutting your existing SIM, why not just buy a nano-SIM cutter from eBay? Stick the SIM in and just 'punch'.

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