Turn A Lazy Susan Into A Cat Scratching Post

Cats will scratch anything they feel like, which is why — unless you don't like your furniture very much — it makes sense to invest in a cat scratching post. This clever IKEA hack lets you make your own custom scratching post of any size.

The parts list for this hack are pretty simple:

You could use any old carpet offcuts or remnants — in my experience, cats won't care — and while you could buy a cheaper ready-made scratching post, it is unlikely to have the replace and repair potential of this particular hack.

A Stolmen Snudda cat tree [IKEA Hackers]


    But WHY is Susan so perpetually lazy?

      Bad upbringing. Both her parents where perpetual couch potatoes and they passed it on to her. Poor girl weighs 140kg now, is addicted to reality TV and won't eat anything that isn't microwaved or served in a foil packet. So sad.

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