Turn A Cheap Laser Pointer Into A Removable Macro Photography Lens For Your Phone

Smartphone cameras are fairly versatile these days, but you can beef up your options and get some fun shots with a DIY macro lens. Here's how to put a macro lens on your phone without having to open up your hardware.

We've talked about one way to hack your phone's camera with a macro lens, but that method involved taking apart your camera completely. Imgur user Mor0n posted a tutorial on doing it with no permanent modifications required: just take apart a cheap laser pointer, grab the lens from inside, and attach it to your phone using something like a bobby pin as shown above. With that setup, you can get awesome closeup shots like the image to the right (it's a picture of sugar, if you're curious). Hit the link to see the full how-to.

Here is a quick DIY lesson on how to create insanely close-up pictures with your mobile phone. [Imgur via Apartment Therapy]


    Thanks imma try it on insects in the field as i do pest control

    Damn, I just tossed one out from my car!

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