TP-Link's Wireless N150 Router Is A Great, Cheap Alternative To The Airport Express

The Apple Airport Express, back when it was a cube you plugged into the wall, made for a great portable router you could take anywhere and set up easily. Then it changed to a hockey puck that requires a cable. The TP-Link Wireless N150 fills the pocketable router void and for a quarter of the price, too.

For around $25, you get a pocket router that supports 802.11b/g/n wireless through one little Ethernet port at the bottom. While you save $US75 over Apple's version, you do sacrifice a USB port and audio jack. It isn't quite as feature-rich as the AirPort Express, but if you need a router you can take with you and you don't want to spend a lot, this will solve your problem.

TP-Link Wireless N150 Mini Pocket Router (~$25) [Static Ice]


    I grabbed their 3g pocket router, powered by USB, and found it awesome, especially whilst traveling with a Mac Air. Not only was it cheaper than the USB-Ethernet adapters, it meant I could share Ethernet through wifi to my phone, iPad and mac.

    If you're travelling, what would you generally use as a source of this internet?

      Most hotels have an ethernet port in the room. This will allow you to use it on multiple devices as most inroom broadband is locked to the mac address of the device. The account will be locked to the mac address of the tplink. You can also turn on encryption so you can ensure all your traffic is secure. (rather than using the open hotspot usually available.


      Just tether with your iphone :)

    Some hotels offer free Internet access but its generally over their Ethernet cables. If you want inhouse wifi you sometimes pay extra. If you have this, plug it in and instantly all your devices are connected for free.

      Or some older motels haven't bothered to implement wifi and only offer Ethernet.

    Is there a version of the pictured router with an Australian plug? It appears to have US type plug and TP-Link's product page says "north american type A plug only".

    Your Static Ice link gives a list for a different model - the TL-WR702N which needs external power from USB or a power adaptor. So its not equivalent to the old Air Port Express.

      Yeah exactly I just found this out too and i already preordered it on umart. It does come with a usb to ac adaptor but you would prefer it be in the one unit ay

    This thing was really good in Japan, it has a power cable that can go into the wall as well.

    Why not just used connectify( on the pc and then have it share a cabled lan connection

      Because connectify uses a laptop. What if you are just travelling with an iphone or ipad? plus I doubt a laptops wifi card could reach 150mbps

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