Time To Banish Clutter: Welcome To Lifehacker Spring Cleaning Week 2012

Yes, it's that time of year again. Throughout Spring Cleaning Week, we'll be highlighting tips and tactics to clear clutter from your life and get more organised.

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Spring is generally reckoned to begin at the start of September in Australia, but some people argue it doesn't really happen until the spring equinox. However, that takes place this Sunday, so either way there's no excuse. If there's a particular spring cleaning topic you'd like us to tackle, tell us in the comments. Otherwise, hang around for more tidying and sorting advice than you can shake a filing cabinet at.


    A guide to scan and shred vs scan and file and choosing a compact scanner you can fit in a drawer. And a guide to what documents should not be backed up to cloud storage. Would be useful for reducing the clutter of bills, receipts, and papers that have built up over winter.


      +1 to this idea. Bonus points for including how long you need to keep standard documents (eg tax returns). I've got super statements from the mid 90s I think I can shred, but I'm holding onto just in case.

      Agree on this one. Over the winter, I've scanned some 2000 family photos (with several thousand more to go!) and unsurprisingly, family members want the digital copies, but I'm left holding thousands of hard copy photos and negatives. Have also been scanning of the relevant docs lying around but a few tips on making all this more efficient would rock!


      A review of good, compact scanners would be really appreciated.

    I would like to see tips for students in managing the masses of paper from classes to properly setting up an efficient study/work area

      Lever arch files ... they worked 20 years ago and they still work now

        I agree with Steven; that would be a great article.
        Daniel, I think something a little more technologically inclined is what Steven was looking for...

    Heh - the most efficient way of cleaning a shower would be grand :)

      Easy-off BAM, it's strong chemical smell is super effective against everything. Sure it smells chlorine/beach based and doesn't have a picture of the earth on it, but damn it's effective.

      Vacuum dry shower stall or bath to remove hair. Spray shower with product of choice. Leave for 10 minutes while cleaning some other part of the bathroom or doing some other chore. Turn on shower to begin rinsing process. Grab your shower cleaning cloth (those rough-weave microfibre ones are excellent) and scrubbing brush. Step naked into running shower to do the wiping/scrubbing part. Once done, finish showering self/washing hair.

    Storage of cables, tools and other associated techie tools. How to get rid of old ones?

    How to work out what stuff you don't need and how to get rid of it.

    For those who want to scan and shred take a look at State Records site.


    yes, cloud documents and a small scanner.
    been looking for a while now.

    Document archiving. I have a home server I store most of my data on, and things like media is fairly easy to manage and maintain using the right software and you dont have to stress too much about the stuff you're working on because you're always using it, but how about good methods of storing files (e.g. documents) to be not accessed often but easy to find what you're looking for when necessary.

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