The Ramen Rater Is Your Guide To The Tastiest Ramen Noodles Available

Ramen is one of our favourite meal starters, thanks to the noodles' incredible versatility and great value. With hundreds of ramen products available, though, you might very well be eating sub-par ramen instead of the most flavourful. Let The Ramen Rater help you find better ramen.

The ramen review site is run by dedicated noodle-eater Hans Lienesch, who has reviewed, so far, 875 different ramen over the last 10 years.

The site lets you filter those reviews by price range, stars and brand. You can also check out his top 10 lists (spiciest, instant noodle bowls, weirdest and overall).

You'll need access to an Asian grocery to find most of these items or you can try an online ramen store such as Ramen Place or Order Ramen.

Enjoy your upgraded ramen!

The Ramen Rater


    ppfftt 800 ... check this guy out if you go to his website his reviewed on 2000 ... there something weirdly addictive about watch someone reviewing ramen lol

    "Added some fresh onions, some kimchi and a couple pieces of processed cheese."
    Ok, I don't rate this guys reviews very highly.

      Yup. Every single one of them comes across as "I will review these noodles... by adding a pile of extra things on top! Delicious!"

    Anybody know of any laksa guides for Sydney? Am on the hunt for a good laksa since my usual laksa place closed down...

    mi goreng all the way


      Mi goreng is the best!

    Mi Goreng with an egg cracked in, extra dried shallots, sweet soy and Chilli. Awesome breakfast. I'm eating it now ;)

    Another for Mi Goreng, the thing that sucks about them now is that my local supermarket used to sell them for $1.50 a pack and they have jacked up the price to nearly $3 a pack, it sucks but i can buy it in bulk from a discount store.

    While cheap, these things are very high in fat.

    mi goreng. debate over.

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