The Inebriator Is An Arduino-Powered Bartender

What's better than a party with its own bartender? A party with its own Arduino-powered robot bartender, that's what.

Meet The Inebriator, a brilliant cocktail-serving appliance that can autonomously mix 15 different pre-programmed drink recipes. I'm not sure I'd trust my friends to drink heavily near it, but it's a great reminder of what you can accomplish with DIY electronics.

If you aren't quite ready to tackle something this advanced, our Arduino beginner's guide has some great projects to get you started with electronics. If you want to build your own Inebriator, the creators posted a basic overview of the parts to their blog, but not a list of instructions.

The Inebriator Via WonderHowTo]


    I'm trying to work out how to use a momentary push switch at this stage, this comparatively is amazing!

    Only way this could become any better is if you could get it to work with iOS or Android. Picture this;

    Your out the back or sitting back with mates having a few drinks. You see yours is empty, grab your iDevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad) or android device open up an app, select the drink and by the time you get up and to it, the drinks ready :)

      this and a quad rotor helicopter you control from said idevice .... stuff getting up.

    the song from baseketball Now thats awesome

    I wonder if you couldn't simplify the process by having the drink stay still and the tubes positioned above the drink. Then all you would have to do is trigger the quantities of each drink.

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