Store Small Items In Tic Tac Dispensers

If you tend to misplace small items such as bobby pins or paper clips, using an old Tic Tac dispenser can be the perfect storage solution for keeping them all together.

We've talked about using paper clip holders to store small items, but Tic Tac dispensers are much more abundant. I go through Tic Tacs like crazy and end up with tons of empty dispensers lying around. My wife recently started using them to store all of her bobby pins. Not only does it make them harder to lose, the Tic Tac dispensers are great for travelling.

Repurposing blog Reuse When Possible, Recycle Always suggests even more items that can be stored in Tic Tac dispensers, including toothpicks, sewing needles and tacks, so check out the link below for a good list of ideas.

Tic Tac Hair Pins, Anyone? [Reuse When Possible, Recycle Always]


    Don't hair pins come in small plastic containers already? Don't quote me though I don't exactly have long enough hair to use such a thing.

      Some do, some don't. Tic tac containers are often better at the job than the ones the pins come in anyway! I use a tic tac container for holding guitar picks mostly.

    And on that same vein, when picking your nose use your little finger to get into the corners..!!

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