Store Linen In Wall-Mounted Baskets

If you have a tiny bathroom with no storage room for towels, consider buying a cheap nesting basket set from a discount store and mounting the baskets to your wall. They're a surprisingly attractive way to keep bathroom linen handy.

Crafting blog I'm Busy Procrastinating had just such a situation recently and attached three inexpensive baskets to the bathroom wall above the toilet. Since the three baskets were designed to nest within each other, it was only natural for washcloths to go in the smallest basket, hand towels into the medium-sized basket, and full bath towels into the largest basket.

Design solution: Wall baskets for bath linen storage [I'm Busy Procrastinating]


    If you have a bathroom/toilet combo, please, please, don't put towels in the open like this. Put them in a closet..!

      Care to explain your reasoning?

        I'm guessing they're concerned about flushing causing your toilet's contents to be atomised and spread throughout the room.

          Spot on.! Mythbusters covered it nicely.. :)

            Oh, not just flushing though, the gas from floaters and farts are a very rich source of faeces..! :)

    Sure does look great if you only own white towels. Wonder how it would look with all the different colour kids towels i have

    Thats actually a good idea for clothing in storage in a small bedroom.

    Imagine replacing those baskets with glass enclosures, then putting a collection of large and terrifying spiders inside each of them. Something to look at when you're naked and in the shower.

    I think it looks nice. Handy too. But my bathroom gets steamy, even with a ceiling fan. Wouldn't wicker baskets grow mould or rot?

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