Snipping Tool++ Easily Sends Windows Screenshots To The Cloud

Snipping Tool++ Easily Sends Windows Screenshots To The Cloud

Windows: Windows 7 shipped with a much-needed snipping tool for taking partial screenshots, but it’s not exactly loaded with features. Snipping Tool++ adds a few handy features that connect your screenshots to the cloud.

Once the app is installed and residing in your system tray, hitting Ctrl+Shift+3 will allow you to drag a box over a portion of your desktop and take a partial screenshot to save locally. If you feel like sharing your screenshot, taking it with Ctrl+Shift+1 will immediately upload it to Imgur and copy the URL to your clipboard. A handy optional setting even allows you to immediately annotate the image before saving or uploading it.

If you take a lot of screenshots, the importance of a tool like Snipping Tool++ cannot be overstated. It’s available for free from the developer’s website.

Snipping Tool++ Via Addictive Tips]


  • Wow! Thank you for featuring my tool. I never expected something like this to happen as it was simply something that I started on my free time.

    I think im going to have to start putting more time into it! It’s sad that I only just found out about this today.

    Thanks again!

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