Send Calendar Invites To Your Significant Other To Avoid Dinner Plan Disasters

When you make plans with friends or coworkers during the day, it's easy to forget to mention them to your significant other once you get home. To avoid confusion and ruined dinner plans, try sending your partner a calendar invitation to any events that will keep you away from home.

Most of us add social plans to our calendars anyway, so inviting a significant other, even if they aren't supposed to attend, is a hassle-free way of making sure they don't make any special plans during the same time slot.

While there are some dedicated solutions and shared calendar apps designed to solve this problem, sending event invitations through your stock calendar app requires no special set up, and is dead simple for non-geeks to understand.


    I feel if you plan something during the day, the time spent making this invite could be better spent sending your partner a text saying what you are doing...

      Oh? Do tell us how it would be better?
      Would you not think that there would be the added benefit of it being in your calendar so you don't forget upcoming events? Obviously you've got a pretty slow moving and uneventful lifestyle... :)

    Just use a shared calendar for anything that will affect both of you

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