Quickflix For Xbox 360 Adds Kinect Support, Releases October 30

We finally have a launch date for Quickflix on the Xbox 360: October 30. Quickflix has also confirmed that the Xbox version will include support for gesture and voice control via Kinect.

A statement to the ASX confirms the release date and the Kinect feature set:

In what is one of the most anticipated platform launches for Quickflix streaming so far, its Xbox service will make full use of the game console’s Kinect features of hand gesture and voice control for browsing and playing favourite movies at home.

Quickflix announced its plans to offering its streaming WatchNow service via the Xbox 360 back in April, and suggested in August that it would launch "very shortly". Yesterday, it announced plans to offer WatchNow on D-Link streaming devices, expanding a range that already includes smartphones, consoles and TVs. If Quickflix fails to scale Netflix-like heights in Australia, it won't be for lack of device support.



    I was shocked when they said "We wont be launching it on 360 but rather PS3"

    Might actually be worth while till I setup my VPN for Netflix :)

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