PassWallet Brings Apple's Passbook To Android

Android: Apple's Passbook app for managing loyalty cards, voucher and tickets is only available, as you'd expect, on Apple devices running iOS 6. PassWallet for Android, however, does everything Passbook does and ports Passbook digital items into your Android device.

Passbook for iOS 6 stores its mobile wallet items as .pkpass files. PassWallet for Android detects these files and imports them automatically from your email messages and visited websites. This means you can organise digital vouchers, travel and event tickets, loyalty cards and the like from participating services.

The app has been out for a while, but we're not placing any bets on Apple letting it last very much longer once it becomes aware of the app. Still, you can grab PassWallet now from the link below and get Passbook functionality on your Android.

PassWallet [Google Play via iDownloadBlog]


    The sad thing is, Passbook is pretty much exactly what Google Wallet was supposed to be eventually (in addition to NFC payments of course). Google really dropped the ball on that one.

    The whole NFC payment wont catch on until Apple release it in 20 years. They will claim its a new invention. :P

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