Official: 'Do Not Knock' Signs Have Legal Effect

I loathe door-to-door salespeople, so this news makes me very happy: the Federal Court has slapped a $1 million fine on two electricity sellers for repeatedly ignoring consumer law. More importantly, the court finding also confirms the validity of 'do not knock' signs.

Neighbourhood Energy and Australian Green Credits (who got taken to court by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission back in May) had the fines imposed in part because staff repeatedly ignored 'do not knock' signs and refused to leave premises when they encountered such signs. As such, ACCC chairman Rod Sims sees it as a major victory:

The effect of the Court’s order is that every time a salesperson ignores a visible ‘do not knock’ sign on a consumer’s door, the company they represent is exposed to a maximum penalty of $50,000.

Dodgy sales behaviour is nothing new in the power segment, with an ACCC study earlier this year identifying electricity as the biggest source of door-to-door calls. It's your house and you can slam the door in their faces whenever you like, but remember the legal requirements too: no calls before 9am or after 6pm on weekdays, before 9am or after 5pm on Saturdays, or at any time on Sundays or public holidays. Better yet, get a sign and remind anyone who ignores it of the $50,000 fine.



    Does this apply to missionaries as well? I keep getting the JWs coming around to my house.

      I bloody hell hope so!!

      I guess it only applies to 'selling' but I'm hoping that the missionaries take the hint as well.

      I've had my sticker for over a month now and not one sales person has knocked on my door. The bear patrol must be working!

        Selling a product, or selling a religion... same difference isn't it?

      I find answering the door in your underwear with a beer in hand works very well.
      So well infact that when they have been in my street the last two times my house has been skipped.

      My cousin invited them in and put a porno on and he hasn't had trouble any more either.

        I tried the shirtless-and-beer trick last year. Somehow I ended up selling the jehovas witness a new monitor and he's been a regular customer for IT support.

        I'm still not sure how that happened.

          Hahahahaha, this made my day!

        Mum, is that you?

      The Australian Consumer Law probably does not apply to missionaries, but putting a sign up makes it illegal for them to enter your property.

      This is because trespass on private property is a tort. You are presumed to have consented to people entering to communicate with you, but you can revoke that consent by putting up a sign. Anyone who enters will then be trespassing.

        This is absolutely correct.

        By putting up a sign you are removing the implied license of entry.

      yes.. if they are selling religion! or a religious item.

    I find a large dog works so much better

      I find a large gun works best

        I told them sorry i worship satan, havent seen them again.

          I did the same, but now the bloody Satanists knock at all sorts of inconvenient times.

      I already have that. A working line German Shepherd that can get to the gate faster than a Missionary!!

    You guys are retarded.
    I've worked as a missionary going door to door. Dogs don't stop shit. Guns are pathetic and any brandishing of one in a threatening manner is criminal. Get a sign. If they don't respect it, swear at them.
    If you don't have a sign, they get to your door, you answer it, a "no-thanks" works on anyone not on commission (usually religious types and genuine charity collections). If "no thanks" doesn't work, swear at them.

      I enjoy telling them i'm an athiest, the look on the last one's face was priceless while they obviously tried to process what I had said!

      Jake, are all missionaries as polite as you? Or as willing to use slurs like 'retarded'?

      I had the religious people at my door all the time - a "No thanks" didn't work. They asked "Why?", "Do you want to go to Hell?" or other similar things. They never left. When I closed the door, they knocked again.

      But I found a way to get rid of them. Say "I'm very interested, but I'm gay so just to check, does your organisaton oppose homosexuality?" And of course they do, and leave straight away. And ever since I told a JW that 5 or so years ago, haven't had anymore since. They might have put me on a "Ignore list" (after they were at my door and went on a tirade of how I was disgrace to the human race).

        Or just say, "Hell? We're already in hell!"

      And charity collectors? They're all on commission. They're as bad as religious types. One grroups Medina Sans something or other called me a greedy, selfish, asked how I could like it, and she wouldn't shut up. So I signed up, then 5 mintues later, sent an email cancelling my monthly contribution.

      I invite them in, and try to convert them to atheism.

        This guy!

      Or... helpful suggestion, you could just not knock on anybody's door to start with. They NEVER go away after saying no.

    Great idea, but who the hell wants to pollute their door with a sticker?

    I put up a sign of my own at my new place after having had doorknockers three nights in a row.

    It reads "Miserly, apolitical atheists live here. We don’t want to buy it, contribute to it, hear about it or talk about it. No hawkers, canvassers, salespeople, religious groups, charity organizations or utilities reps."

    Haven't had a doorknocker in 2 months.

    Does this work for political candidates/party stooges door knocking?

    I've unsubscribed/disabled Services messages to my phone, signed up with do not call so they don't call ANY of my phones. Looks like I will have to put one of these stickers up too to stop these parasite service companies and religious fanatics knocking on my door.

    This sticker will complement outdoor security camera system which also happens to record sound, so if one of these parasites are silly enough to knock on my door, I'll upload straight to YouTube and send the link the ACCC.

    Yeah... I hate being annoyed!!

      You must make a lot of money selling all that meth

        ^^ THIS!

    I am lonely and havent had anyone knock at my door ever :( why o why does everyone else get attention but me!

      Post your address here, that should do the trick.....then again maybe best not considering some of the weirdos here!

    I keep getting different electricity people knocking and trying to trick me into switching providers to get the 'green living' discount or the 'small apartment' discount.
    They won't tell you what company they are from, they mislead you into thinking they are from your provider. Dogey jerks.
    I just say 'no thanks' and close the door in their face while their mid sentence.

    I had a "Do Not Knock" sticker, provided by my council. A saleperson came one day and knocked, I ignored it and after they left, found the sticker torn up. Really wish I had know which company they came from.

    This would be great if the ACCC ever actually imposed the fines.

    Companies who break the Do Not Call Register mostly just get warnings. But I still take the time to find out who they are, and then report them.

    Maybe if enough of us do that often enough, the ACCC will eventually be pressured to use the powers they've been given.

    The Mormons and JW kept sending increasingly attractive missionaries to my house ,Damn if only they put out.

      Tell me about it. But they're just not into the same-sex thing are they??

    Do I really need to put up a sign to inform people I don't want this crap? Shouldn't it be the other way around? If I actually want to deal with this crap I put up a sign saying 'yes, please come annoy me, I'm very lonely and desperate enough for human interaction that I'm willing to listen to a stranger selling something I didn't care enough about to investigate on my own'.

    I'd still say it'd be fairer that you can legally punch in the face that illegally bangs at your door at 8PM/ I mean, they're invading your territory? You let them in? No. They impose on your land, what they get, a nice commission, or a punch in the face, hey, the accepted the risk when they accepted the employment of invading that of others'.

      Enjoy your assault charges.

        Good one, Buzz Killington.

      How I wish the Castle Doctrine can be applied in this country.

    Many years ago a Mormon knocked on our family home door. My father opened the door and talked to the moron (oops!)! Mormon for more than SIX HOURS. We were grossly embarrassed for the poor bloke, and kept going to the curtains to see what was happening. We even tried to call my father in for dinner, but he just kept on. When the Mormon left, he ran to the front gate and almost jumped over the gate.

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