Moshcam Updates App And Switches To Subscription-Only Model

Moshcam Updates App And Switches To Subscription-Only Model

Moshcam’s updated its iOS app with a shift away from single payment per gig to a full-time subscription model, but the Android version is still waiting to rock out.

When Moshcam launched its iOS app back in March, it did so under a payment model that saw each gig “sold” as a distinct entity; for the price of most iTunes songs you’d get perpetual streaming access to the gig of your choice.

The latest update to the app changes that model; instead of paying per gig for long-term streaming rights, you instead get to pay a $1.99 monthly subscription price that includes access to’s ad-free streaming of all of the gigs in its catalogue, as well as any new material as and when it becomes available.

It’s an interesting switch; I’ve queried with Moshcam as to what happens to those gigs that users might have already paid for, but apparently you’ll still get access to those going forwards, although the payment option is no longer there. Equally it’s not very clear what’s happening with the Android version. The Moshcam FAQ simply states that “At this stage, we plan to have an Android app available by the end of.”

Yes, that’s really what it says.

I do rather like the Moshcam offering; it’s a great way to catch gigs you may otherwise not be able to see. What do you reckon — is monthly subscription as good as “owning”, given that it’s all stream-based anyway?

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