Modify An Old Camera To Add Infrared Effects To Your Photos

Infrared photography can create impressive effects, but it usually requires an expensive filter. If you don't want to buy one, you can take apart an old camera and give it infrared powers yourself.

Photo by Daniel Schwen.

This hack will permanently modify your camera and void your warranty, and you probably won't be able to take normal pictures with it when you're done. It's a perfect project for an old, unused camera you still have lying around.

All you need to do is open it up and remove the IR filter. It's buried pretty deep, but all the project requires is undoing a lot of screws. When you're done, you'll be able to create awesome infrared shots like the one shown above. Hit the link below for the step-by-step instructions.

Are You Brave Enough To IR-ize Your Camera? [DIY Photography via How-To Geek]


    Any recommendations for a cheap camera to do this with?

      Pretty much any camera can be modified, including point-and-shoot gear. However, the method in the article will pretty much ensure you have problems, so be prepared for the high probability that your modifed camera will have these problems, and probably not work at all.
      Once the mod mentioned here is done, the autofocus of the camera will not work properly, and images will be slightly fuzzy at best, and very out of focus at worst.
      Kitchen table mods like this will ensure that dust gets on the sensor, and failing to reseal the filter over the sensor will ensure more dust gets between the two, and will not be cleanable without disassembly.

      See here about how it should really be done.

        Yep I will soon be sending off my Canon 50d to Lifepixel for conversion, had a 30d converted the other year but it is a bit finicky about the lenses it gives focus with, was a local conversion job.

      A lot of Mobile Phone cameras don't even bother putting an IR filter on in the first place, which is great for testing if your remote works.
      (iphone cameras do have the IR filter, alas)

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