Meet Craig Naumann: One Of Lifehacker’s Windows Server 2012 Bloggers For TechEd 2012

Meet Craig Naumann: One Of Lifehacker’s Windows Server 2012 Bloggers For TechEd 2012

“I do stuff” — that’s normally the answer I give when I introduce myself to someone new and talk about what I do. The answer is intentionally vague as I like to keep a few surprises up my sleeve.

This week, I’m attending TechEd 2012 so I’m doing stuff with Microsoft.My interests lie in all things Windows Server and the System Center suite (mainly SCOM and SCCM), although I include Forefront Identity Manager, SQL Server and scripting to round off the bulk of my days.

I get the most satisfaction out of improving services to clients. The benefit of this is that I get to do new things and there’s an actual benefit from it. I’ve been in the IT industry for almost 10 years, but have been working daily with computers for about 18 years. My day job is as a Windows Server (and other things) technical lead in the Queensland Government.

My family helps to keep me grounded otherwise I’d probably work 12+ hour days. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since I love what I do and I work with great people, but it would take away from my overall quality of life. When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my family, “working” as a casual Windows Phone developer, Xbox gaming, following the Chicago Blackhawks, or playing inline hockey.

I have grand plans for TechEd this year. I’m expecting it to be big with all the products released or about to be released, such as Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, System Center 2012, and SQL Server 2012. There will be plenty of content for everyone who attends – but I am disappointed that there are times where I’d like to be in about four places at once.

From a Windows Server 2012 perspective, my goal is to gain better insight into enhancements that will benefit me in my job. I’m very excited about all the sessions and am especially keen to see more about networking and Active Directory improvements. This is going to be the best TechEd ever.

Meet Craig Naumann: One Of Lifehacker’s Windows Server 2012 Bloggers For TechEd 2012


  • Looking forward to your reviews Craig. I was at TechEd last night. Having attended 2 since I started in the IT game in 1988 – I was at a stand as an exhibitor. It was a very interesting and surrreal experience. I heard much about the keynote speech – was it really such a dissapointing opening ? I wasn’t there, I was readying our stand and Plingo game – which was a real hit. But seriously – can you please give us your take on the iconic keynote speech please ? Thanks mate, now back to “work” and have fun.

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