Make Your Own Sugar Cubes

If you're having friends over for coffee, sugar cubes are a more attractive option for offering sweetening. Sure, you can buy them at the supermarket, but they're fairly easy to make yourself.

Culinary weblog Serious Eats explains that you simply combine sugar and water until the texture is even and the sugar seems just slightly moistened. Press the sugar/water mixture into a mould firmly and and let the sugar harden in the mould overnight. Ice cube trays can work, but you'll probably want to cut up the cubes when they come out with larger sized cubes.

To experiment with flavours use vanilla extract, rosewater or other aromatics to give your drinks just the right taste.

DIY Sugar Cubes [Serious Eats]


    Oh how I love these pointless posts, how about just posting the steps rather than a link. Should be called LinkHacker or LifeLinker.

      David, I agree it can be a bit annoying to click on a post only to find that to get useful information you must follow the link. However Lifehacker *does* post many original articles as well as provide links to other sources. Sure, they could reproduce the content you get from the link, but that comes with other problems. Most of us would not come across many of these tips and articles just by browsing the web and there are only so many feeds you can realistically subscribe to and still keep up with all of them. Lifehacker does the job of aggregating some of the (admittedly, in their opinion) more useful/interesting life-hacking tips/posts and pointing them out to us.

      If I wrote the original article, I would commend LifeHacker for linking to my article and increasing my site's traffic rather than just stealing it.

      LinkHacker hah... if nothing else, I've now started week with a chuckle.

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