Make The Most Of Your Microwave

Make The Most Of Your Microwave

The chances are high that your microwave oven spends more than 90 per cent of its time not actually microwaving anything. So why not use of it for more than that purpose?

Picture by Mr Thinktank

In my case, I tend to use the ol’ nuke as a bread bin; it keeps the bread out of the sun and in a position where it’s handy to grab for toasting or sandwiches, and doesn’t take up any more space than the microwave already does. Naturally, bread in plastic bags doesn’t microwave well; you’ve got to make sure you empty it before you start zapping.

There’s no reason at all that this logic can’t be extended, either. A friend of mine has a perfectly functional regular oven that he worked out got used maybe once a year — if it was lucky — and so he converted it into shelves for all his plates and cutlery. On the very rare instance he wants to roast something, he slides the trays out, but otherwise it’s a good use of the available space. Any other readers use the space of their kitchen gadgets in an unconventional — but sensible — way?


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