Los Angeles Airport Adds Free Wi-Fi

Ugh, LAX. Los Angeles Airport is one of the more unpleasant airports in the world. Unfortunately, it's almost unavoidable to pass through there if you're flying from Australia to the US. So it's welcome news that free Wi-Fi has finally arrived at the airport.

Picture by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The offering isn't exactly generous. You only get 45 minutes of free access, after which you're invited to pay $4.95 for an additional hour, or $7.95 for a 24-hour pass. (The inflated one-hour price is yet another example of decoy pricing in action.)

The service covers all nine terminals, so if you end up on some weird obscure airline flying to Dronetown USA, you'll potentially have online access before boarding. Paid network options from T-Mobile and its ilk have always been an option at LAX, but for shorter-length connections, it's nice to have a free version that doesn't require lounge membership.



    Well thank god for that. Ever since they passworded the OneWorld (I think it was) lounge's wifi that leaked out at There Be Internet There (otherwise known as Tom Bradley International Terminal), I've been stuck either paying the ridiculous hourly fees or going without.

    On a side note, have all Starbucks re-instituted free wifi (30 minutes per beverage purchase), or is it just the one on George St?

    A Melbourne Starbucks I was in yesterday had the free wifi offer. Extra bonus: signs everywhere promoting it and spelling "receive" as "recieve".

    If you can change the MAC address of your device, I assume that you can continue using the free wifi without having to start paying.....

    I was in LAX for 5 hours at end of July and again for 2 hours at end of August, I don't remember the wireless being free for only 45 minutes.

    Ostrich, thanks, I will have to look for the misspelling on the sign in Sydney.

    And Gib, yep, wifis that try to limit you without issuing you a unique code aren't too tough to defeat. Hmm, anyone know how to change an Android tablet's MAC address?

    I used it when I was stranded there by Virgin America 2 weeks ago. It is not really worth celebrating - it dropped out constantly, and i had to keep doing the same BS survey to reconnect. Tried it on four devices and had the same problem with each. More hassle than it was worth.

    easy to avoid LAX. MEL -> AKL -> SFO

    sooo much better.

      Last time i went via AKL they didn't have wifi i could use (granted that was just after the liquid rules came in if i recall).

      My record is around 3 hours at LAX customs they had a different queuing arrangement that was obscenely stupid and never seen it since, we eventually persuaded them to let us use the US queue, though we had already missed our connecting flights anyway.

      I almost always go via LAX (going Virgin Australia is cool, cause on the way home you don't have to change terminals, its almost the gate next to where you arrived at (or it always is SFO to LAX to MEL)

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