Loop Earbud Cords Over Your Ear For Improved Sound Quality

In-ear headphones are a great lightweight option for listening to music on the go, but the cord sometimes ruins the experience by hitting your body and creating a thumping sound. Music app blog Evolver.fm suggests the easiest fix for this is to loop the cord over your ear.

Certain types of in-ear headphones cause a thumping sound when the cord hits your body because of the seal created in your ear canal. To fix this, you can use your ear to stop the vibration. Evolver.fm explains:

The trick is actually quite simple: Use your outer ear as a vibration-dampening mechanism. To do so, simple grasp the earbud, lift it over the back of your ear, and insert it into your ear as usual.

The loop is also a great way to keep the earbud in your ear if they tend to fall out.

How To Wear Your Great-Sounding Earbuds the Right Way [Evolver.fm]


    But then the sound is going to come out upside down.


      Technically, the sound will be rotated 180 degrees.


        No they wouldn't. Sound waves are longitudinal waves. To rotate them 180 degrees you'd have to put the buds in backwards, not upside down.

          Then you could listen to the song backwards!!!!

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