Lifehacker's iPhone 5 Release Day Guide

Apple's iPhone 5 officially goes on sale today at 8am. If you haven't already ordered one and you aren't standing in a queue, your chances of getting hold of one are fairly slim. But we've rounded all the key information you need about the new phone, which plans are on offer and what features iOS 6 offers.

Main picture by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


    Nate Mendel. Serious business.

    chances of getting one are pretty slim?? Is this a limited edition thing

      I think he means getting hold of one today.

    In the picture they all look like they are worried that it isn't working properly. I wonder.

    That guy in middle could be Jonny Ive's brother?

    I walked through Hay St Mall at 10am and at the Optus Store, there were about six people getting served and only four people waiting in line. Hardly going gangbusters.

    IMO iOS6 is more exciting than the iP5.

      you realise stores opened at 7:30 - 8am and served A LOT of customers before 10am..

      I picked up my iPhone at the Apple store (Hay St) at 12:30, there were about 60 staff on the floor and still a line outside.

    Also, there was quite a line outside of Telstra on the Hay St Mall. Perhaps Optus were out of stock by then?

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