Lifehacker Talks 'Ocker' Destinations On TV

I was on Ten Breakfast this morning discussing 'ocker' travel destinations. With just four places to highlight, I barely scratched the surface — which locations do you think of as intrinsically Australian? [Ten Breakfast]


    Kuta Beach - Bali (just to clarify... when you say "ocker" you mean bogan right?)

    Bruny Island -Tas
    (not ocker though)

    You committed the sin of calling "Wagga Wagga", "Wagga".
    Listen to this to learn your lesson.

      That song was in my research notes !-- yet despite mentioning it to Kath right before we went on air, I still stuffed up.

        As a proud?? Wagga Wagga resident, I couldn't care less if people just called it Wagga!

    what about Port Lincoln - you cant go past "Tunarama" for an ocker experience - including tossing tuna, beer and fireworks - also shark cage diving with great whites and fishing

    You seem to be spending more time on TV than at Lifehacker! Whats the deal with TEN??

      The deal is I show up and discuss stuff :) But once-a-week versus eight+ times a day on Lifehacker makes it clear where my main job is.

    Mount Isa

    Tamworth for the country music festival is incredible.

    I don't know if it's quite "ocker", but Coober Pedy is a very Australian, and pretty bizarre experience.

    Ok. I've clicked on the photo about six times on both ie9 and firefox and all I
    get is a bigger photo but no video!!

      Click the link at the bottom of the article bree!

    Kukerin WA
    more mullets and flannelettes than a Billy Ray concert:

    Humpty Doo NT

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