Kogan iPhone 5 Prices Go Up

Well, that didn't last long. We pointed out last week that you could order the iPhone 5 from Kogan for $100 less than Apple's list price, but it looks like that batch has sold out and the price has gone up slightly for new orders.

As I write this, Kogan is now listing the 16GB iPhone 5 for $749, the 32GB for $849 and the 64GB for $949. That's still $50 cheaper than Apple's list price, but you also have to factor in postage (typically around $20 for capital cities). It's self-evidently a second batch of phones, since both the black and white models are on sale this time.

The Kogan offer remains around $30 cheaper than Apple once you include postage, but won't ship until September 28. Note that customers who ordered in the first batch should still get the quoted $100-off price; it just isn't available for any newer buyers. Thanks Jak for pointing out the change!



    The prices had to go up, Kogan is selling the device at a loss..

      Grey imports brother. Why would they sell something at a loss? No point...

        Ever heard of loss leading?


        You will be surprised who will sell you really popular items at a loss! Alot of the major retailer in Australia sell popular items well below cost price just to give you the illusion that the whole shop is super cheap. Eg most retailers retailers like kmart and bigw sell new release dvds around 7 dollars below cost price for the first week then after stock is gone it goes up to recommend retail price. Its all about getting the customer back because they always think they are going to get a good deal.

        I get the concept of Loss Leaders. My point here is Mark F is likely wrong when he says Kogan was selling at a loss. Hong Kong outright iPhone price is cheaper than ours to begin with, and Kogan would likely also get some sort of bulk buy discount.

          They wouldn't get a bulk-buy discount, but just the conversion rates, what with the Aussie dollar being so high comparatively, would warrant the sale. With the hype slowing down, most people with intent having pre-ordered already, they don't need to run off the 'reeeaaallly cheap' angle anymore and so can make more money by upping the price.


    I know the concept, but being a business owner I think it is a very silly idea! :-)

    Shoppers are smart these days, they will come in and say think you for that one item and buy the accessories elsewhere. Like JB with the Uber cheap TVs the trying to sell you a $100 HDMI cable, most consumers are not that gullible anymore, and they will get the $5-$10 cable somewhere else.

      They still sell them the gullible are still out there. Friends mother in law bought new TV got talked into buying monster cable and surge protector. That guy made his commission bonus. It's not you or I that get talked into these things but they are still out there.

    Businesses will do anything for publicity.

    $30 off is NOT worth having a grey import phone and having to go through Kogan warranty if anything goes wrong, Apple warranty is very good and definitely worth an extra $30. That being said, Iphones suck, get a GS3 or One X :)

      Apple warranty is worldwide.... You buy off Kogan, you can take it to an Apple store to get the warranty work completed.
      So, $30 off is $30 off.

        Apples warranties arent worldwide for everything, (4S was the first product not to) and the Iphone 5 will no doubt be the same.

        See an email from kogan below

        Hi Christopher,

        Thank you for contacting Kogan. The Iphone 5 is sold with a Kogan Australia warranty.
        If the item requires a service through warranty please contact our support team. They
        will have the item picked up, repaired and resent to you. Please contact us if you require
        further assistance.

        Kindest Regards,

          It's still under warranty through Apple though, Apple have confirmed this elsewhere.

          Also.. nothing can circumvent Australian Consumer Law, no matter what Kogan would have you believe.. whether they imported it from their own company in HK or whatever.. you are an Australian Citizen, buying from an Australian based store with Australian Dollars and are still covered by the laws of Australia.

    Another cheap publicity stunt by Kogan. Move on.

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