Keep Your Charger Cables From Fraying With An Old Pen

We've all had one or two charging cables fray over the years. It can be annoying — not to mention a fire hazard. DIY enthusiast Angelica discovered a quick and easy way to protect them with an old clickable pen.

You don't actually need the whole pen for this, you just need the spring inside. After wrapping the spring around the cable and sliding it to the end, your cable should stay straight in situations where gravity might bend it so that over time it won't start to detach and fray (Apple cables are definitely the worst offenders). To read more and see how the spring fits on, hit the link below.

How to Protect Your Charger From Bending [Snapguide via Reddit]


    Interesting tip - can't say I've ever had a frayed cable before though. I must be too gentle with my gadgets!

    Metal spring around a frayed electrical cord...?

      Not frayed. That's the whole point of it: to prevent fraying in the first place.

    9gag much ?

      Exactly what I thought haha.

    Also, Sugru.

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