iPhone 5 Releases In Australia September 21

The much-anticipated iPhone 5 hits Australia on September 21, the same date as the US. Online pre-orders for the device will begin on September 14, and Apple will begin selling it in stores at 8am on September 21. For an outright buy, you'll pay $799 for the 16GB version, $899 for 32GB or $999 for 64GB.

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We haven't yet seen contract plans from Optus, Telstra or Vodafone, but we'll publish those details as soon as we have them.

Apple has also dropped the pricing for the iPhone 4S (which now costs $679 for the 16GB model) and the iPhone 4 ($449 for an 8GB model). The iPhone 3GS has now completely disappeared from its online store, which isn't particularly surprising; the model has been restricted in availability ever since the iPhone 4S release.

As expected, the iPhone 5 includes a larger 4-inch screen, the A6 processor and iOS 6. It also has a completely revamped connector branded Lightning; Apple says it is "working on" an adaptor for the wide range of existing iPhone-compatible devices, which will be available "in October" for $35 for a straight adaptor or $45 for an adaptor with a 20cm cable. For full details of the new phone, check out Gizmodo's comprehensive overview.


    $99 for 64GB?!? Sign me up!

      sweet, what a cheap upgrade!

        It'd be nice, wouldn't it? But an early morning typo, now fixed.

          Indeed. In any case, I'll be upgrading from my iPhone 4 which now has a faulty power button. Contract expired in August, likely abandoning Virgin Mobile for Telstra.

    I think you will get a really good improvement in performance from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5. A serious increase in performance.

    Will pre-orders commence at midnight tonight in Australia or when it ticks over to the 14th Cupertino time?

    will this indeed support our 4G or will it be like "the new ipad" and miss us?

    Can't wait to see the plans.. especially considering this one actually supports Australian LTE..

    I'd just like to know why we seem to be the only country in the world that is not getting turn by turn navigation. Is it because Google maps originated in Australia?

    Does anyone know if the iPhone 5 supports "World Band" like the 4s? I.e, could I put an American sim card in it and pick up their cell towers while holidaying over there? I checked the tech specs, but cannot see anything relevant...

    Ok, dumb question time... can you use an iPhone 5 bought in the US in Australia? Specifically Telstra Next G? A friend is over there next week and I'm hoping they can get one for me to use here...

      Will be tricky. They're releasing 3 different versions. 1 GSM model is specifically for AT&T, then there is a CDMA model for Verizon and another GSM model focussing on Asia. The Asia model may be sold by some carriers in the US, not sure, but is the model you want if you wish to use the 1800 LTE band in Australia.

        I've been scouring the Internet for the answer to this as well! Looks like I've found it.

        If you are going to buy an iPhone to use in Australia, make sure you get the A1429 GSM version. Check out http://www.apple.com/iphone/LTE/

          Great answer and link! Thanks

      I wouldn't.
      There are THREE different iPhone 5 models. Two GSM models and a CDMA one.
      There is an American/Canadian GSM model that supports their 4G networks, and an "everywhere else" GSM model that supports Australian 4G networks.

      Should be the case, I wouldn't see why Apple would downgrade a feature like that. Wait for the full tech specs to appear on gsmarena.com and decide from then

      They are not selling the 'Australian' Model in the US. I would get one from Hong Kong if you don't want to buy locally.

    Again we get screwed in oz, $399 in the us for the 32gb $899 for it here, is it possible to buy one online from the us and use it here?

      Actually we don't -- the US price is $399 PLUS a two year contract. And no -- the US ones are carrier locked and (from some reports) the LTE frequencies are incompatible; it appears that the US will get a US-only 4G model, while we'll get a "world" LTE model (as long as the world doesn't include the US). I'm looking into that now.

        Thanks to all for the confirmation. I guess I'll just wait for the AUS version.

    I was chatting about iP5 earlier this week and lauding Apple's ability to deliver their product soon after announcement - but this is even better than I expected! Big ups to Apple (assuming no delays of course) for being able to promise such swift delivery of an obviously finished and market-ready device!

    Matt, yes and no. Apple specs for iPhone 5 list 2 different GSM models (A1428 and A1429) for different regions. Each model supports different LTE bands.

    So if you want 4G a US iPhone 5 wouldn't work on Aus 4G networks.

      Thanks for clarifying!

    No mention in your quick rundown of the new headphones. It'll be interesting to see reports/reviews. A major change from what we're used to.

    Got an iPhone 4 just now so I'd imagine the performance improvement going to that (never having had a 4S) will be pretty noticeable.

    Though it will depend on the plans that come out of the woodwork. Who will be first to break cover with their plans and will we end up with a bidding war from the telcos like back with the iPhone 4 launch? :)

    look at those prices ffs. what a complete joke. for a dumb little device haha you are all absolutely foolish sheeple.

    Yeh are pre orders midnight EST time or American time?

      Apple confirmed to me by phone pre-orders in Australia would be 5pm tomorrow (Fri).

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