Improve Your Grill With A Charcoal Starter

If you want to boost the performance of your charcoal grill, this hack uses a charcoal starter to hold the burning charcoal instead of the normal charcoal. By concentrating the heat in this way, you raise the temperature, reduce cooking times and need less charcoal to cook your food.

Instructables user dlewisa removed the legs from his Weber Smokey Joe grill and cut a hole so that he could fit his charcoal starter. He welded the two together, but you can skip that step if you want to disassemble your grill for storage. Re-attach the legs to the charcoal starter for stability; you don't want it tipping over when its hot.

Now, all you need to do is load the starter with charcoal, place a single piece of newspaper beneath the starter and light the paper. In 15 minutes, the charcoal will be ready, and you can put your grates in the grill and start cooking.

Super Mega Charcoal Grill Rocket Grill [Instructables]


    What is this "Grill" you speak of? An un-Australian version of a 6 burner BBQ?

      Compared to the 6-burner, a charcoal grill is a far superior method of cooking .

    I gotta say both a gas and charcoal have their benefits. But I do enjoy cooking over hot coals, they're just a bitch to get started sometimes and they're messy to clean out afterwards.

    at least we're getting this article in Spring, instead of "June: It's barbeque weather!"

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