IKEA Cancels Free Coffee On Weekends

I have long maintained that it makes much more sense to visit IKEA on a weekday (or weeknight) than on Saturday or Sunday, when the crowds are much larger. Here's yet another reason to do that: the offer of a free hot drink for IKEA Family members now only applies Monday to Friday.

The IKEA Family loyalty scheme is free to join, and the promise of a free hot drink was a powerful incentive to sign up. While that used to be available on every visit, it now only applies Monday to Friday according to the IKEA Family site and in-store signage. It's not going to materially change my IKEA shopping habits, and if nothing else it serves as a reminder that loyalty scheme perks change frequently. Thanks Beau for the tip!


    It won't stop people from a certain diaspora paying for one mug/cup then rotating it around the extended family.

    Apparently there are no families in Adelaide or Perth.

      The Ikeas in Perth and Adelaide are franchises and not company owned. So I guess those owners don't see the value in the scheme.

    I don't know how they have the gall to call that stuff coffee anyway. I have had better tasting meconium - I mean Moccona.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the IKEA coffee, I thought it was not so bad.

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