IKEA 2013 Catalogues In Stores From Today

IKEA has been distributing its 2013 catalogue by mail over the past few weeks. If you haven't received one, you can hit stores from today and pick one up — but you can also browse it on your smartphone and access extra material.

IKEA's local site notes that catalogues will be available in-store from September 3, and can also be ordered online. This year's catalogue includes enhanced smartphone content (including videos) which you can access from iOS and Android devices by pointing them at the page. The apps also provide an easy way to browse the main content of the catalogue, though this works rather better on tablets than phones.

The Catalogue app is a free download for iOS and Android devices. Note that you have to download the app and then separately add the relevant catalogue (which is much larger than the app itself). As with most things IKEA in Australia, there are separate East Coast and SA/WA versions. The site warns that the catalogue is around 100MB, though it came in at 56MB in my test.)



    Don't run down to buy any of the new stock just yet. Much of it has not been delivered with no actual delivery date received by the stores (for Sydney Homebush and Tempe anyway).

    Searched online, then checked the new catalogue.

    Apparently Ikea don't sell hammocks... are you fucking kidding me?

    Got mine in the post last week - still in the wrapper. Cause I know once it is opened more useless Leka or Soal or Moosta or Schtool or whatever names of junk will be bought, cluttering up more of the house...haha

    IKEA - home of the CRAAP

      Haha Schtool! Sounds like it belongs in an Ikea toilet!

    I accidentally stumbled onto the USA Ikea site and found that the broder shelve are at $250 when they are sold at $650 over here!! For shame ikea!

      This has been addressed here on LH many a time.

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