iDisplay Turns Your iPad Into A Second Monitor

Windows/Mac/iOS: Need a bit of extra screen real estate? iDisplay can turn your iPad into a second monitor for your Mac or Windows PC, and it's on sale for $1.99 right now.

iDisplay, usually $5.49, is a cheap, easy way to extend your desktop onto your tablet. Unfortunately, the Android version is still full price, but if you're armed with an iPad, head over to the App Store and grab your discounted copy while you can.

iDisplay [iTunes App Store via App Shopper]


    Display Link is better

      I thought the same thing at first, but iDisplay let's you use the iPad as a touch input, not just a display.

      You know, if you are prepared to say "X is better", you need to say why. Your comment is useless in helping me choose which to buy.

    I've used Air Display in the past... it can be a bit laggy at times - but works pretty well. Can't say it's better than any others. Would definitely give this one a go. I think Air Display also allows touch input.

    Initial impressions:

    Touch input
    Allows custom install location for the desktop host application
    Easy shutdown of the desktop application via a menu
    Aero will be disabled
    Plays well with multiple monitors
    Requires a restart after installing
    OSx and Win versions of the desktop host

    No touch input
    Cannot chose where to install desktop component (can be an issue if you want to install it on a drive other than your system SSD)
    Cannot easily shutdown desktop ( no "exit" option)
    Supports Aero
    Plays well with multiple monitors
    Does not require a restart on install
    Many more options for configuring the iPad display
    Windows only

    Neither perform what I would call "gracefull" connections and disconnections - all screens blank for a moment on connection and disconnection.

      One more thing I have found. If you have a secondary USB display, such as the screen on a Logitech G19 keyboard, DisplayLink will kill it dead. Nice.

    Buy a second, touch enabled monitor, problem solved.

      Ummm, I'm pretty sure a second, touch enabled monitor would cost far in excess of $1.99...

    seems to work well on a Win7 Machine... thanks good app!


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