I Would Also Like To Throw A Printer From A Multi-Story Building [Video]

Not because it would be productive or wise. Just because troubleshooting printers is often painful and tedious and wanton destruction can seem like the best option.

The video above is promoting the forthcoming release of the Pro 8 version of Nitro PDF, which remains our favourite Windows PDF tool. But it's the catharsis I'm enjoying right now.


    It feels like a video that should be on 'The Pitch' segment of Gruen Transfer. Smart though.

      Glenn, as a co-conspirator in the video and a massive fan of the Gruen Transfer... cheers!

      I just hope people have half as much fun watching it as we did making it.

      Nitro - www.nitropdf.com

    Okay, this is going to drive me mad until I know. What's the music?

      I dunno, but it also features in "Feast of Trimalchio" by AES+F.

        Thanks - I used that to track it down. It is Beethoven (7th symphony, second movement).

    Where was the earth shattering kaboom?

    i did this... with my phone...
    ... except into a brick wall...
    ...with a driver.

    it was AMAZING! :D

    Through some quirk in the space time continuum, I've never had trouble with printers....

      Same here, you really think its a space time continuum thing??

    As a copier/printer technician this is something that i would love to do with several customers machines.

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