How To Watch The 2012 Grand Finals From Anywhere

It's a weekend packed with football as both the AFL and NRL Grand Finals hit our screens — but what happens if you want to see them in HD or you're overseas? We've rounded up the available options for footy viewers across the country (and the globe).

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It's safe to assume millions of people will watch Hawthorn play the Sydney Swans in the AFL Grand Final on Saturday, and similar numbers will tune in to see Canterbury Bankstown play the Melbourne Storm in the NRL Grand Final on Sunday. While most of us will tune into free-to-air TV, there are other choices.

Live TV broadcasts

In the eastern states, Seven begins its AFL grand final broadcast from 1100 on Saturday, while the match itself starts at 1430. That equates to 1400 in South Australia and 1230 in WA.

Nine kicks off its main NRL grand final broadcast from 1200 Sunday in the eastern states, while the match itself kicks off at 1700. That equates to 1630 in South Australia, and 1500 in Western Australia.

Delayed HD broadcasts

Once again, anti-siphoning rules apply to the grand finals, which means the networks are obliged to show them on their standard networks to ensure everyone can see them even if they don't have digital. There's no legal blockage stopping the networks from also showing them on their existing HD digital networks (Gem for Nine, 7Mate for Seven), but neither channel is doing so. 7Mate is replaying the NRL final at 1830 on Saturday.

International TV networks

The AFL had a list of its international broadcast partners on its site. There's a similar list for the NRL as well. Virtually all of these are pay TV providers, so you'll either need to subscribe or find a friendly local bar with the right subscription.

Online options

Major sporting events are one of the few guaranteed audience grabbers for TV these days, so I expect it will be some decades before we see regular sports broadcasts online for Australians. Both the AFL and NRL offer an official live streaming service via the LiveAFL.TV and LiveNRL.TVsites, but you'll have to pay for it. An AFL Grand Final only pass costs $US9.99/GBP6.99. Note the service is designed for expats and is only available overseas. You could set up a VPN to try and work around this, but frankly it would be easier to locate a television.

There's no official live stream of the match for Australian viewers. However, there are plenty of radio stations covering both matches, most of which have online streaming which isn't geoblocked. (You can find a list of the AFL's radio partners here and for the NRL here). There will undoubtedly be plenty of comments on Twitter if you want to track the progress of the game that way.

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    Telstra customers can watch the afl with a fee on there mobile phone, have been able to do it all year as Telstra paid for the online streaming rights for it...

      Reports differ on whether this includes the Grand Final though. (Xbox subscribers certainly don't get it.)

        It's quite clear - Telstra are streaming every 2012 premiership match.

    Here a link to it as well

    I think you mean 7mate is replaying the AFL grand final at 1830 on Saturday. I did a double take when I read that!

    sportlemon is another great sorce for streaming ;-)

    No HD Grand Final again! What a complete joke.

    7 with the AFL GF and 9 with the RL one aren't showing the games live in HD , tho they could use their HD channels to do so. Why are they showing this contempt for their viewers? Because they can.

      So, punish them. Watch all their ratings period shows that they hang on to for months by finding them on the net as soon as they are released in the USA. I do. Destroying their ratings will soon change their contemptuous behavour towards viewers.

    I am in The can i watch it from here??

    My only streaming option is an iPad, and the afl site requires flash. Any other options that people know about?

    No friggin GF telecast on cable TV here. First time in years. I'll have to watch baseball or college football or sit in the backyard with my neighbors and get full.

    live. score. hunter.

    Perform group who did a magnificent job in 2012 have no contract to stream AFL or NRL overseas in 2013.
    Neither code seems to have a new partner yet. Has anyone heard about online streaming for 2013?

    I agree Stewart. Perform group did do an excellent job which was a godsend after bigponds so called international subscriber package which was pathetic. They had no problem taking your money but I couldn't stream the games here in Sweden even with a 100mb internet connection which was 200 times faster than their minimum recomendation. They didn't allow you to download the replays either and stopped the clubs putting up the replays on their websites, effectively cutting off many international AFL fans. Hopefully we're not heading back there after a couple of years of being able to enjoy every match live! I can't find any information regarding what's happening in 2013 and the AFL has not updated it's website on this matter. With the NAB cup starting in 2 weeks I hope they get this sorted out ASAP.

    NRL replied to an e-Mail. Saying they would announce a new contract partner for streaming before the season begins, I gather that means the main season.

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