How To Save A Bricked Phone With Paper Clips And Pencil Graphite

If you've bricked your phone while attempting to root it or flash a custom kernel, all hope is not lost. Before you leave it for dead, try to force-boot it using paper clips and pencil graphite as a makeshift resistor.We've talked about how you can fix a bricked Android phone before, but sometimes that approach isn't the best solution. One determined user unbricked his Samsung smartphone using paper clips and pencil graphite as a makeshift variable resistor and forced his phone to boot into download mode. It's tricky, but it's not a bad way to save an expensive phone — especially since the materials required to do this cost next to nothing.

It makes more sense to just use actual resistors without the need for splicing and soldering, but this could work if you don't have resistors lying around. Also note that that success rates vary from phone to phone, so you may need to do some searching to see what your specific phone requires before you try this. Hit the link to read more.

Samsung bricked, cheap usb jig without resistors [YouTube via Hack A Day]


    USB jigs can be had on Ebay for like $2...

      When you've got a dead phone, would you rather wait for shipping or grab a pencil?

        Neither. Instead get an iPhone!

          ide buy a windows phone before a piece of fruit

          That's like suggesting that you can avoid car accidents by driving a loaf of bread instead.

    12v to 18v + water aint killing anyone

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