How To Remove A Splinter With An Eggshell

Got a splinter? If you've also got an egg, your problem is easily solved. How-to illustrator Yumi Sakugawa discovered that splinters come out a bit easier with the help of eggshells.

How does it work? Just take a bit of eggshell (perhaps consider making some eggs so you don't waste any) and place it on your finger for a few minutes. It will stick to the splinter and then you can pull it out slowly by removing the eggshell.

If eggs aren't your thing, check out Yumi's info-comic for several more solutions.

9 DIY Ways to Painlessly Remove Splinters from Your Skin [Secret Tips from the Yumiverse]


    I don't know about you guys but when I get a splinter, it usually drives in deep enough that I have to dig it out wit a needle. Just grit yer teeth and think of England! :)

    I find a scalpel works well - the sharp edge gets under the tip of the splinter then if you rotate it backwards it kind of lifts, grips and pulls the splinter all at the same time. If the splinter is really dug in you can gently scrape away a little bit of skin 'below' the tip of the splinter (if that makes sense). Once you've got the tip of it exposed, you can also pinch the tip between the thumb of the hand holding the scalpel and the edge of the blade.

    Back in my day we didn't get splinters, we got rocks! Rocks the size of boulders stuck under our skin! Or at least they felt like boulders. Back in the day rocks were of a larger, wilder breed! None of these pointy splinter thingymajigs!

    No but seriously one time I stepped on a rock and it got wedged in my foot somehow. It took a while (two weeks!) to dig out. Now, splinters are nothing compared to that...

    The other day I discovered a 2 cm thorn in my shin- it must have been from when I had spilled off my mountain bike into some scrub several years before- I had pulled out about 5 thorns just after the crash.

    I had this amazing sense of satisfaction and spent another hour looking for more to dig out.

    splinters and thorns?...we could not even afford to "window shop" for such things.

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