How To Disable The Dock In Mountain Lion

How To Disable The Dock In Mountain Lion

Don’t find the Dock useful in Mountain Lion? Lifehacker reader Luke Carbis explains how you can conceal it with a simple Terminal script.

I’ve searched around for a way to permanently disable the dock in Mountain Lion: for me it just gets in the way and I can use Launchpad instead. I couldn’t find a perfect option — some hid the dock in the corner of the screen, some moved it to the top, some used third party software.

Then I remembered an article I read on Lifehacker a little while ago about making the dock appear instantly – and changed it so that it had the effect of disabling the dock.

In Terminal, use this command:

defaults write autohide-delay -float 1000 && killall Dock

This will make it so the Dock only appears after a 1000 second wait. It’s still there, functioning normally, and still appears in Launchpad and Mission control (which is the way I wanted it), but it’s never in the way.

I ultimately opted to use a 2 second delay instead, which makes trying to open the Dock more of a purposeful thing and prevents accidental opening!

To reset it to the defaults, just use this command:

defaults delete autohide-delay && killall Dock

Thanks Luke!


    • This actually isn’t weird. autohide sucks because you can trigger it by mistake. The dock is useless. I use alfred to launch my apps. cmd + tab to cycle through them. cmd + ` to cycle through windows of a current application and cmd + tab to an app and then while still holding cmd hit 1 to view minimized apps. I know the dock has a use behind the scene so we can’t rip it out. But we never have to look at it if we know how to use the OS. Also launchpad is useless, same with mission control.

  • Now we just need a command like this that puts menus onto the window they are associated with, and lets closing a window actually close the program, and I might actually be willing to give Apple a try for the first time since high school.

  • That’s a cool tip but I just stuck to 1000 secs and if I want the dock I hit ⌃⌥⌘D. I use mouse keys (KeyRemap special) a lot and I don’t want the dock triggering if I overshoot going down the screen.

  • I set my delay to 100000 because I never want to see it again. Ever. It’s annoying. Same with launchpad. Just learn the key combos and use something like alfred.

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