How To Avoid The Fear Of Change

Why would you get a philosopher to open a conference for IT enthusiasts? When his topic is awe and the fear of change, as Jason Silva's was at the opening of TechEd Australia 2012 yesterday, it suddenly makes sense.

The core of Silva's presentation were his video art pieces offering "shots of philosophical espresso", all of which you can check out online. But his key message has relevance outside of technology as well: "What I tell people is I'm not trying to compete with textbooks or TED talks or book-length treatises, but to provide another way in for audiences so they're not scared of technology."

"It's important to create narratives that are beautiful as well as narratives that are frightening, because we tend to fear change."

Disclosure: Angus Kidman is attending TechEd 2012 as a guest of Microsoft.



    Truly Awesome. .. Stuff like this really makes me feel sorry for all those people I know that just don't get it. People who don't understand why landing on Mars is so wonderful, or why the fact that my phone has more processing power than a high end PC 10 years ago did is incredible. They just take it all for granted without any comprehension of how lucky they are to live in this day and age.

    Reminds me of the sort of videos you see in movies and stuff from the 90s involving weird technology cults.

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