How Spring Cleaning Week Turned Into Spring Cleaning Fortnight

This is exactly what always happens with spring cleaning. You start out with the best intentions and a burst of activity, then you get distracted by seemingly more pressing tasks and before you know it the whole process goes off the rails. When that happens, you have to own up to your mistakes, plan better and press on. And that's why our Spring Cleaning Week 2012 series has stretched from a week to a fortnight.

Picture by Alex E Proimos

Only half-a-dozen posts ended up running in our Spring Cleaning Week series last week, which was about half of what I originally intended. I could blame the iPhone 5 launch, but the more important thing is to recognise the problem and rectify it. So Spring Cleaning Week will continue this week with more tips on getting rid of clutter (both digital and physical). Onward!


    Hahahha, good to see that even LH isn't immune from distraction and procrastination. At least our editors ARE human!
    Love you guys! Keep it up!

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