How Are You Finding iOS 6 In Australia?

iOS 6 is officially released today, and iDevice owners are busy downloading and installing it. Many of its new features work in Australia, but not all of them. What's working well for you?

We already know that there are only a handful of companies supporting Passbook and that we won't get turn-by-turn directions until October.

Reader Zac sent in the above image, demonstrating that while Siri claims to supply sporting information for Australia, it doesn't seem to know anything about NRL. Found any other options that aren't working properly in Australia? Which new features have you already found useful? Tell us in the comments.


    All I know so far is that the download process keeps encountering errors and gives up.

      Yep! Fourth attempt under-way now (over WIFI). Gets to about 50-60% and dies every time. Hmph.

        Mmhm. Took me 5 tries. But I got it!

      I got that 4 times. Turned the phone off and on again, and it worked. Took a while, but it worked.

    I was dissapointed to find the Panaroma Feature is only for the 4S and above. I know that there are apps that do that already but was keen to check it out.

    Maps actually isn't too bad, vastly beats my expectations. Would be better with transit directions.

    Rest is all the same.

      I tested the maps on the way to work. It took me the 'slow' way and didn't recalculate its route when I ignored it's directors. I will let time be the judge.

      Agreed, especially with the 3D buildings for Melbourne -- very impressive... Although I've seen a mate's iPhone4, which doesn't have that "Flyover" ability, and the satellite view of Melbourne is terrible...

    Maps seems a bit light. Many of the cycle paths are missing (they are there in openstreetmap!) and the routing doesnt seem to give me the most optimal route (compared to google).

    You can ask Siri what sports she knows about. Baseball, basketball, American Football, Ice Hockey and soccer is her reply. You can also ask about specific leagues, apparently.

      Ask her about Australian Basketball, however, and get a sorry on that, too.

    Maps has a long way to go to catch up to Google maps. Outside city areas, satellite maps look like they're shot through fog or smoke and some areas are such low resolution as to be useless. Eg try looking at Paton beach in Thailand and compare with Google maps. I'll be using Google maps in Safari for a while yet I think.

      Oops. Patong beach!

    Maps themselves are fine, but the satellite imagery is rubbish. Streetview is gone too :-( 3D view is nice, but kinda useless... Boo Apple

      Depends on your phone -- an iPhone 4, I'm guessing.... On the 4S, the satellite imagery is amazing -- even for suburbs in Melbourne, which I wasn't expecting... Very pleasantly surprised...

    When I try to open Passbook Iand click om tha aop store link I get "cannot connect to iTunes Store" message.

    3D maps of Melbourne are awesome.

      This can be fixed by turning off 'set time and date automatically' and Then turning them back on, u get is this crappy Nova thing anyway. The might as well have said passbook not available in Australia.

      Agreed -- quite amazing , zooming through the CBD... Even better than Google Earth's 3D buildings, I dare say...

    maps suck.... no street view!

    Crashes my iPad 3 if I move the iTunes shortcut to a folder.

    MG on maps....

    on an iPhone 4... useless update.

      Only useful bit ive seen so far is Do Not Disturb, and the revolutionary feature of being able to pick a full song as the alarm rather than just a 40second ringtone version.

      Shard photostream may or may not will have to see.

      Maps so far for me dont seem toooooooooooooooo bad, but then i use metroview for navigation anyway and almost always use addresses rather than POI names when i do use maps.

    I have an iPhone 4, I think I'll stick with iOS5, No real reason to upgrade to iOS 6, except to loose Google Maps. Maybe once the map app improves I will, but by then I'll probably be using another device anyway.

    I dont hate it, seems to do everything it promised, I went and bought a new set of the earpods today to go with the updates, they are, in my opinion, a really great set of headphones for 35 bucks. Not sure if I'm sold on the maps update or the new youtube app, itunes store is good now because you can listen to a sample and keep browsing.

    Process was smooth and flawless at 10am. All working okay. But looking everywhere for a tip on how NOT to import all my facebook 'friends' to iphone contacts. That would be a nightmare... but I can't find any way not to do it. Tips anyone?

      It asks you the question initially -- I think it's when you configure your Facebook credentials under Setttings -- so of course you would pick "no, thanks"...

      If you change your mind later on, go back under Facebook in the Settings, and there's an "Update all contacts" option...

      It only seems to sync your contacts to with you Facebook contacts when you press the "Update all contacts" button.

    Loving that clock.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    The lack offunctionality in maps i verys disappointing.

    If anyone could make people feel good about losing features they are used to having as standard it would e Apple. But in this case I don't think even the mighty Apple Marketing Machine can bring the users back from this.

    People do not care that Apple hates Google, or Google's implementation of maps. All customers care is if the features they want are available and work properly.

    I think a lot potential iPhone users will be divided over this. One set of people will be like: "wow the iPhone 4S/4/5 is fail because of stupid maps. why doesn't it work the same as google maps? sif anyone would buy a phone without street view..!" And the others will be like "I don't care: it's iPhone and it does everything I want. Why do I card which maps it uses? It has maps, that's all I need."

    I really miss street view, can't wait for Google to bring their native iOS maps app out. Guess I might try Google Earth for a bit, not sure if it does street view yet though...

    Boo Apple. Boo!


    updated iPad and iPhone @ 4.30am.only took 15 min. BUT took 6 hours to fix Gmail after update!

    Meh. iOS6 on iPad 3. Siri is a novel idea. Lots of things she can't do in Australia. Asked if I needed an umbrella this morning. No not going to rain. It was bucketing down at the time but I guess that's yahoo weather. No more you tube app. Maps is disappointing. Still finding / trying the new feature. Nothing has excited me so far.

      -1 for me. Found the google you tube app.

    I've had the developer preview since June, i LOVE it! The best feature is Do Not Disturb, my sleeping patterns are 100x better since getting the update!

    I think it's great. The Bluetooth on and off button is only one tap away. Maps needs some work but is respectable. 6 also seems smoother.

    Maps are appalling. My street is clear in Google Maps but covered in clouds in Apple Maps.

    Siri is appalling. I asked about Genius Bar and she offered me a list of "Apple" shops, which were mostly things to do with 'apple pies' and fruit shops. If a product like Siri only gives sensible answers a quarter of the time, it doesn't take too long to give up using it.

    tethering from a iphone to an ipad sucks via WiFi. Works well with bluetooth though. Haven't played with it long enough at the moment.
    WiFi tethering worked well prior to the upgrade.
    I noticed a telco change after the ios upgrade.

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