Haiku Deck Lets You Easily Create Gorgeous Presentations On Your iPad

iPad: Haiku Deck makes creating beautiful presentations a cinch and a joy, whether you have design skills or not. You can quickly apply new layouts, photo backdrops and font styles to get the perfect look for your pitch or story.The free iPad app comes with a handful of themes to quickly stylise your deck, and additional themes are available for around $2 a pop.

Haiku Deck also lets you dress up your slides with background images from millions of Creative Commons licensed photos (easy to search through using keywords) or you can import your own.

To add text, change the layout or reorder slides, it's merely a matter of tapping and swiping. The app is designed for simplicity, and the navigation is intuitive and fluid.

Most importantly, the presentations Haiku Deck creates are stunning and emphasise your message without ugly slides stuffed with too many ideas, pointless clipart and other hallmarks of terrible business presentations.

Presentations can be shared via email, Twitter or Facebook, and shared decks can be viewed in any browser at Haikudeck.com. Decks can also be exported to PowerPoint or PDF.

You can download the app now on iTunes and have a beautiful presentation in less than half an hour.

Haiku Deck


    I downloaded it for iPad this morning and it was free!

    Expected Haikus.
    But it's for presentations?
    Such disappointment.

      That was very good.
      You should make another one.

        A fan of Threadless?
        I do quite like their t-shirts;
        Art, clever slogans.

          I don't like Haikus,
          They seem easy to write, but
          Don't have enough syl

          I am a big fan.
          I have the haiku t-shirt.
          They have great designs.

    The ease of use, simplicity of presentation and quality of visuls are a winner for me. It also encourages a speaker to talk to the audience instead kf reading slides.

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