Hack An iPod Nano Into Your Car’s Dashboard

A lot of us use our iPods in the car, but not many think to do more than throw it in the glove box or on the passenger seat. One Reddit user took his iPod Nano to new heights by integrating it with the dashboard in his car.

The project actually looks very simple: Hyeinkall just removed the small, unimportant digital clock in the dashboard of his 2001 Honda Accord and cut up the plastic frame so the iPod fit in place. He then added a dock connector for the iPod (which can then hook up to the car’s stereo) and put the whole frame back. Now it’s always accessible while in the car, and he can undock it when he gets home. Hit the link to see a full Imgur album with step-by-step pictures. Even if you have a different car, you can achieve the same thing.

Changed the Digital Clock in My 01 Honda Accord to Hold an iPod Nano [Reddit via WonderHowTo]


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