Growl 2.0 Adds Long-Awaited Support Notification Center, Prowl And Boxcar

Mac: Growl, the popular notification software, just hit version 2.0. This major update brings true support for Notification Center, plus the ability to push notifications to your mobile device via Prowl or Boxcar.

Mac OS X's Notification Center has so far been limited to the few apps that actually support it. Rather than competing with Apple, Growl decided to support Notification Center so that developers can continue to use Growl and allow you — the user — to choose whether you want your notifications to stay in Growl or get pushed to Notification Center instead.

As you can see from the screenshot above, you just have to flip a switch. The major downside is that very few apps currently use the Growl 2.0 framework. Developers will need to update their apps before you can have proper control over your notifications.

The other big feature in Growl 2.0 is support for mobile notification services Prowl and Boxcar. When configuring how you want Growl to display notifications, you can set up Prowl and Boxcar as actions as well.

If you already own the Mac App Store version of Growl, this update is free. If not, it'll cost you $4.49 — a small price to pay for better notifications.

Growl ($4) [iTunes App Store]


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