Google's Field Trip Automatically Shows You The Most Interesting Things In The World Around You

Android (iOS coming soon): Google's new Field Trip app is a virtual local tour guide that's always running in the background. It pops up interesting local information — from local history and architecture to the best restaurants and shopping — without you having to ask for it.

After you choose whether you want just occasional notifications or frequent ones, Field Trip runs quietly in the background, looking for anything notable around you. The app pulls in information from a load of sources including: Zagat and Eater in the food and drinks category, Architizer for architecture and The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations and Atlas Obscura for unique (and possibly bizarre) finds.

When it finds something, Field Trip notifies you with a ringtone and/or vibration. It can even read the title and description to you. View the event, place, or thing on a map and read more about it within the app. You can also choose to get more or fewer notifications from individual sources.

The app has a really pleasant interface and definitely encourages you to step out and go explore (as the video above suggests). Google says the app is like having a local friend with you as you explore a city. You can download this virtual friend on Google Play now; an iOS version is coming soon.

Field Trip [on Google Play via The New York Times]


    Copy/paste from the US site? You can't install this in Australia.

    I second that - doesn't work in Aust. Sounded good for a driving trip we're about to head off on. I guess it's a Finals weekend...

    LHAus Copy and past monster strikes again.

    Been using Tagwhat ( as my mobile tour guide for a while now. Works everywhere.

    Ive also used Tagwhat globally. It's one of my top apps.

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