Google Adds Bacon Numbers To Search

Struggling to work out the exact degree of separation between Kevin Bacon and any other actor? Google's now got a specific search function for exactly that. Except, it seems, if you're Lucky Grills.

It used to be that working out the Bacon Number — that is, the number of people separating any given actor and Kevin Bacon — involved trawling IMDB, or, for a brief while, using specific sites that did the thinking for you. But that's old-school searching!

In what is perhaps its least critical search upgrade ever, Google's added the ability to search for an actor's Bacon number simply by using "Bacon Number" and then the name of the actor you wish to find out about.

Not the most critical of discoveries, although it has led me to the astonishing discovery that as far as Google's concerned, Leo "Lucky" Grills apparently has no Bacon number at all. That's down to whatever search algorithm Google's using to discern its Bacon numbers; a quick search on The Oracle Of Bacon reveals he should have a Bacon number of three — via Jacki Weaver and Steve Carell, if you were interested.


    They added Bacon numbers, but not Erdős numbers?

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